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Are you looking for an expert geomembrane lining contractor to install Anaerobic Digestion Tank Liners on your AD solution? If you would like some assistance with your project, please contact us to see how we can help with the design and implementation of your solution. We offer our Anaerobic Digestion Tank Liners Service UK wide as well as overseas for specialist projects.

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Anaerobic Digester Lining

As focus is growing more and more on waste management, the advancement in available technology is helping us to provide more ‘green’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ solutions to industry. Anaerobic Digestion  (AD), is a natural & clean waste management solution.  It is becoming more and more popular in the farming industry. Mainly due to the many green and cost effective benefits it provides.  At Sean Carr Lining Technologies Ltd,  we are experienced Anaerobic Digestion Tank Liners that can help you with your Anaerobic Digestion solution.

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a waste management system where the use of natural biological processes help breakdown organic waste. This is done by the use of micro-organisms that help to process and convert broken down organic waste into biogas energy. We know this as biogas – a mixture of carbon dioxide and methane gas.


Anaerobic Digestion Tank Liners – Lined Lagoon for an AD Plant

The biogas generated can then be used in a combined heat and power plant or cleansed of carbon dioxide. The biogas can then be converted into energy and introduced into the National Grid power system.

In addition to natural biogas being produced, an extra by-product of the AD plant process usually known as ‘Digestate’ is made. Digestate is a nutrient rich substance that is more generally known as renewable fertiliser or a soil conditioner.


Professional Anaerobic Digestion Tank Liners
Biofilter Lagoon Project

Anaerobic Digestion Tank Liners Installation

The construction of Anaerobic digester tanks normally consist of a mixture of concrete materials and durable steel. As a result a number of vulnerability issues can arise and cause leaks. Containment liners installed on Anaerobic Digestion tank installations are fitted to create a water resistant seal. This stops the produced Bio Gas escaping in to the atmosphere.

LLDPE, HDPE and polypropylene material is used for this specific method of application. This is due to the essential durable and chemical barrier needed for use in Anaerobic Digester installations.

If you would like to find out more information on Anaerobic Digestion and Bio-gas then you can check out this official was sites below:

Additional benefits include:

  • An easily producible natural renewable energy source (biogas)
  • A Reduction of natural waste materials
  • An environmentally friendly organic waste management solution
  • A reduction in the use of landfill  and toxic gas reduction
  • Odour reduction and elimination
  • A larger reduction of greenhouse gasses
  • The production of useable materials (fertiliser and soil conditioner)

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