Attenuation Pond Liners

Attenuation Ponds Design and Installation

There are a number of reasons why Attenuation Ponds are commonly used on large developments. The main objective is to store and control the flow of excess  drainage, surface water and stormwater. Water is then slowly released from the attenuation pond or solution in a controlled manner. This prevents flooding to the area in scope. More commonly used by roadsides, housing developments, office developments and supermarkets, attenuation ponds and attenuation storage tanks play an important role in preventing wide spread flooding to property and roads.

We have experience in the design and installation of a range of attenuation storage services to suit your needs. Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss your attenuation project requirements a little further. We can offer free advice and a no obligation quotation over the phone. In some cases we may have to come out to do a site visit for more complex attenuation installation projects.

Sustainable Urban  Drainage Systems  (SUDS)

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems are put in place on developments to control the flow of urban stormwater to reduce the potential of flood risk. These are often referred to as SuDS. Attenuation Ponds, Attenuation Cells, Balancing Ponds and retention ponds are all types of SuDS solutions that can be implemented to control and direct problem stormwater to either soak into the ground if the land allows or direct it to drainage and downstream water flows.

Attenuation Ponds designed and installed
Attenuation Pond

Sustainable Urban Drainage Storage Pond
Sustainable Urban Drainage Storage Pond

You can find some more reading on SuDS regulations and non technical standards on the UK government website

Attenuation Tank Installation

We provide Attenuation Water Tank Installation and design services bespoke to your project. We can offer you our expertise and advice if you are looking for help and assistance for your project.

Attenuation Design and Installation Solutions

A number of our clients in the past have opted for full design, installation and maintenance services for their developments.

Attenuation Services

We have supplied our attenuation services for a number of different developments including:

  • Supermarket Developments
  • Office Developments
  • Housing Site Developments
  • Road Side Drainage and storm flooding control
  • General Surface water storage

Attenuation Ponds Construction

Please Contact Us to discuss your attenuation construction project so we can see how we can help you deliver your requirements.

We can provide a free competitive quote in most cases over the telephone alternatively a site visit can be arranged.

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