Balancing Pond Installation and Geomembrane Lining

Balancing Pond and SuDs Services

We provide Balancing Pond Installation and Balancing Pond Design services to many parts of the UK & Ireland.  The most common types of SuDS applications are Retention Lakes, Flood Basins and attenuation ponds. A balancing Pond or flood basin is a commonly used system that will help maintain water level and reduce it slowly into the surrounding environment. This prevents flooding by helping to control storm flow and drainage water. It is works by temporarily holding the water in a controlled area. Normally a public open space near a lake, or in an urban space. It is common these days to have these types of drainage applications near housing developments to prevent risk of flooding.

In an urban landscape there is potential risk for storm and flood water to flood nearby drainage systems. This  could cause extensive damage to surrounding buildings, developments, roads and carparks. The main purpose of this type of Geomembrane application is to successfully store flood water and slowly release it preventing flooding in the near by area.

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How do these Systems Work?

The flow of water is restricted into the watercourse and is slowed down to a rate that circumvents and simulates the storage capacity of the ground before the surrounding area has been developed. The flow of water is controlled based on the capacity of water stored and by the size of the outlet flow pipe. Depending on the size of the solution being put in place, many solutions form what are known as ‘balancing lakes’. These become long lasting features and structures in the surrounding landscape.

Installation Services

We design and install SuDS draining solutions to suit your bespoke needs. All projects are different so we will work with you to design and implement your sustainable Urban Drainage System.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS)

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems are also commonly referred to as the following:

  • Balancing Lakes
  • Retention Ponds
  • Retention Lakes
  • Flood Basins
  • Retention Basins
  • SuDS Pond
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage System
  • Attenuation Ponds
  • Attenuation Lakes

All of the above SuDS services can be offered to you for your project requirements. Give us a call and we can provide a free quote for our services so you can fulfil your project needs.

Balancing Pond Project Balancing Pond SuDS Solution

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