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Geomembrane Installation 

With over 20 years experience in geomembrane installation and a qualified team of engineers, we have helped our clients construct and deliver projects to their desired timescales, high quality of workmanship and to agreed cost budget. Geomembrane materials are applied for a number of reasons for our agricultural/farming, private and civil clients. Our liners prevent water contamination and most noteworthy keep hazardous chemicals and waste produce at bay. They are most commonly used in Anaerobic digestion ponds, Reservoirs lining, lake lining, Farm Slurry Lagoons and Farm Slurry Pits, Containment barriers and landfill capping.

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Types of Geomembrane Liners

 We supply a number of different types of geomembrane liners to suit your specific project needs. The most frequently used materials are HDPE Liners, these are generally used in a number of lining applications such as Farm Slurry Lagoon Liners, Anaerobic Digestion Ponds, Balancing Ponds, Containment Liners, Reservoir Liners and Landfill Capping Liners. HDPE Liners offer a cost effective alternative to other geomembrane liners but are also offer high resistance to chemicals, as well as ultraviolet spectrum radiation. Ultraviolet radiation can initiate chemical reactions and triggers substances to glow. The resistance the HDPE Liners offer are beneficial to many of the geomembrane installation projects we’ve implemented for our customers

HDPE liners are more commonly used in Landfill applications for our clients.

Types of Geomembrane Liners we use for our projects are listed below. We also provide other types of geomembrane materials and geotextiles on request.


High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

The most popular used geomembrane liner. Advantages of HDPE Liners include being cost effective, chemical solvent resistant, can withstand high temperatures for protection from the sun and is non leaching so is great for agriculture application.


Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)

LLDPE is a very chemical resistant type of geomembrane liner that stretches when necessary under pressure and stress. LLDPE Liners have improved cracking and puncturing resistance and an excellent high chemical barrier endurance.


Flexible Polypropylene (FPP)

Although FFP geomembrane liners are more expensive than HDPE Liners and polyethelyne liners to install they consist of a more flexible and durable material that is both crack resistant than HDPE. . These linings are easier to install and repair after they have aged over the years after application. 


Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

EVA Liners are fundamentally tough, flexible and clear. In addition EVA geomembrane liners can withstand temperatures up to 96 degrees as well as low temperatures. Highly puncture and stress resistant, they are waterproof and ultraviolet radiation resistant. They are flex crack resistant and provided excellent adhesion and bonding for use in numerous applications.

Geomembrane Installation - Leachate Lagoon
Landfill Cell Lining
Geomembrane Landfill Basel Liner


Geomembrane Installation and Project Planning  

We can offer our advice and experience if you need assistance planning your geomembrane installation project. The typical process would be for you to get in touch with our office to initially


Geomembrane Installation Process

We aim to make the process as simple as possible from start to finish for your lining project.

  • Contact us to discuss your requirements (in some cases a site visit may be required)
  • We’ll provide you an estimated quote over the telephone or via email
  • Discuss the implementation of your project further and arrange some dates for installation.


With our expertise in the industry you are in good hands. Call us on 07800654682 to discuss your project further.


Geomembrane Installation and Application

We offer a large range of Geomembrane installation and HPDE Liner services across the UK and overseas. Below is an example of some of the Geomembrane Liner applications we have implemented for our customers:

Landfill Basal Liners
Geosynthetic Clay Liners
Containment Liners
Landfill Capping Liners
Landfill Cell Liners
Geomembrane Installation
Bespoke Projects & Solutions
Containment Lining Systems

Farm Slurry Lagoon Liners
Concrete Canvas
Concrete Canvas Hydro
River Channel Lining
Reed Bed Liners
Golf Course Lake Liners
Wildlife Lake & Pond Liners
Attenuation Ponds

Balancing Ponds
Lake Liners
Pond Lining
Plastic Lining
Plastic Liner Installation
Slurry Liners
Canal Restoration
HDPE Liners

If you’d like to read more about Geomembrane liners and the type of applications they are used for. You can look at the Wikipedia site for more information.


Geomembrane Installation Free Quotes and Estimates on your project

For all enquiries on Geomembrane Installation or HDPE Liners you can call us on 07800654682. We would be happy to discuss your project to help with the early planning stages and offer some suitable options for your requirements.

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