Golf Course Lake Liners

Professional Golf Course Lake Liners

If you are looking for professional Golf Course Lake Liners then look no further. We have extensive experience in implementing Golf Lake Lining projects across the UK.

Our containment lining systems help with issues such as water loss and water quality that are very common problems with golf courses. A top quality containment solution needs to be professionally installed. Sean Carr Lining can provide this service for you.

Golf Course Lake Liners and Water Quality

The quality of water in golf course lakes and ponds can be a massive problem in some areas. Extensive silt, dirt and floating mud that has risen from the base of the lake can effect the overall look, and its pleasantness on the eye.

Clear water is a must to make any golf course lake or pond look nice. We can resolve these problems by implementing a protective subsurface cover. This will ensure water loss is minimised by preventing absorption into the ground. It will also mean that contamination will be minimised from the silt, mud and dirt that the containment lining covers..

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