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Providing a lake liners service UK wide and overseas. Our experience as professional Lake Liners spans over 20 years. We have been delivering lake lining and geomembrane lining solutions for our farming/agriculture, private and civil sector clients. We have delivered many projects across the UK & Worldwide.  You can rest assured you are getting a wealth of valuable experience and knowledge from our team to help you with your lake lining project. We have helped our clients install many different types of lake liners for their projects from smaller golf course lakes up to large scale reservoirs. Please check out some of our geomembrane lining services .

Large Lake Liners Installation


Lake Liners installation in progress
Large Lake Lining Project

No matter how big or small your project is you can rely on our professional advice  to help you achieve you lake lining project goals. Please feel free to Contact Us so we can have a member of our team discuss your project requirements.

Benefits of Lake Liners

There are many benefits of applying  geomembrane liners to your lake lining project.

  • Stopping water depletion & ground absorption
  • Maintain lake water levels
  • Helping maintain local aquatic and wildlife
  • Ensuring the visibility and appearance of the lake is not compromised

In addition to the benefits above our geomembrane lake liners also help prevent pollution to the local environment. This would provide a protected barrier should the water in the lake become contaminated. The water in the lake will subsequently be protected  from the underlying soil as the geomembrane HDPE lake liner will provide a chemically protective and strong barrier.

Another largely important factor to think of when laying a geomembrane lake liner. Consider laying an additional geotextile protective layer to protect from sharp stones and rocks penetrating the lake liner itself. This will add an extra protective barrier to strengthen the Lake Liners and prevent water loss.

Latest Lake Liners  & other Lining Projects

To discuss your project in more detail then please give us a call. Our team are waiting to assist you and offer any advice to help you with your project. We have provided many of our customers with a lake liners service UK wide.

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