Reed Bed Liners

Professional Reed Bed Liners

We are professional Reed Bed Liners with over 20 years experience in Geosynthetic and geomembrane lining. The main purpose of Reed Beds are for the treatment of waste and drainage water in large rural areas. Red bed treatment is largly green and environmentally friendly process. The water industry is a major player in utilising Reed Bed Liners. There is 6m² of reed beed needed per person..

Reed Bed Liners Application

For the successful application of a Reed Bed Liner, reed beds have to be excavated and either a layer of sand can be laid or a suitable geotextile base liner fitter depending on the type of ground texture and conditions. We can also supply and fit the geotextile liners to cover the coarse ground if this meeting the requirement for your project.

Type of Reed Bed Liners

Reed Bed liner projects use low density polyethylene geomembranes (liners). These liners are both highly durable and waterproof, especially when fitted with our under geotextile liner as mentioned above.This helps to protect the polyethylene low density liner form sharp stones and rocks from penetration.Reed bed Liners are also resistant from UV rays with high yield and welded strengths. The general body of the low density polyethylene liner is between 0.5mm  – 2mm.

Please give us a call if you would like to discuss your reed bed lining project. We give very competitive quotes and would be very happy to help you decide how to implement your project..

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