Reservoir Liners and Restoration

Reservoir Liners and Restoration

One of our latest projects in 2019 seen us implement a small reservoir liners restoration project in Wales.

The 1200m2 reservoir was lined with an impermeable 1.5 mm hdpe geomembrane liner with a sump outlet /inlet pipe to allow the filling and emptying of the lagoon of the specialist effluent .We also installed a 1.5mm hdpe geomembrane floating cover . The cover was to prevent the ingress of rainwater that could dilute the effluent and also prevents odour issues.

The liners were battened with stainless steel flat bar to the perimeter concrete rather than in an anchor trench. The lining works took 4 days in total to compete.

Please see before and after pictures below of the full reservoir restoration.

Before Restoration

Reservoir Liners Restoration - Before 1
Reservoir Liners Restoration - Before 2
Reservoir Liners Restoration - Before 3

After Restoration

Reservoir Liners Restoration - After 1
Reservoir Liners Restoration - After 2
Reservoir Liners Restoration - After 3